Promising SME 500 2015
Promising SME 500 2015
Tuesday, 21 July 2015


“Every customer’s needs and concerns form our core responsibility.”


Lux Design Pte Ltd

Up-and-coming interior design firm Lux Design Pte Ltd may be relatively new in the industry, but its innovative approaches and unique ideas have already garnered it customers clamouring for more. Led by Mr Wayne Loh, Mr Erik Wong and Mr Howie Tan, the company’s signature advantages are its service-oriented sensibility and close rapport with expert contractors.

Mr Loh and Mr Tan had first become partners in a car grooming enterprise, and were later joined by Mr Wong – himself already running his family’s carpentry business. “We came across this idea of doing interior design when Erik brought up the opportunity,” recalls Mr Tan. “He had already been working with other interior designers and recognised the potential in the industry.” Backed by the sum of their skills – in particular, Mr Wong’s expertise in carpentry – and the desire to strike out on their own, the trio started Lux Design in 2012.

“We assist clients in creating their dream home,” Mr Tan explains, describing the company’s first priority as customer satisfaction. Even so, they ensure that the overall design remains functional in design, whilst keeping with the project’s aesthetic vision. Indeed, as Mr Tan shares, one of their main strengths is a proficiency in space-planning. “We advise our customers on what can and cannot be done,” he continues, emphasising their comprehensive know-how of the construction and interior design industry.

Fittingly, it has been their service-oriented culture that has become the company’s hallmark. “The 3 of us are very hands-on, down to the finest detail,” he adds. “We are more than willing to go the extra milk for our clients, and we are not afraid to get our hands dirty.” In their largest project to date, the trio worked on a Buddhist Lodge at Geylang for close to cost price.  “It wasn’t about monetary returns, but the belief that we could contribute to something good,” he professes. The team’s passion was such that they even manage to secure pro-bono labour from several contractors for the job – a testament to their close industry links.

Today, the company’s rapid growth owes much to clients referred by positive word-of-mouth. Mr Tan notes that they only started to develop marketing and advertising avenues well into their second year, and even now many newer customers still approach them based upon personal recommendations. “We also have to credit RenoNation (an online portal for renovation and interior design providers) for helping us gain a greater online presence.” Mr Tan comments.

Backed by an extensive product knowledge and in-depth technical expertise, the trio is gradually moving towards more commercial projects in the coming years – having already stabilised themselves in the home renovation market. Lux Design may be young, but their promising potential is already years ahead, and the company looks set for much greater success in the future.

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