Singapore Outstanding Enterprise Award
Singapore Outstanding Enterprise Award
Tuesday, 11 October 2011

If you can dream it, you can have it. Specifically constructing dream homes with preeminent passion and professionalism through esteemed luxury designs to every client’s requisite, the team has now successfully furnished more than seventy projects within a short span of a year, and the figures are still ever increasing.

Established in the year 2012, Lux Design Private Limited, is founded by a dynamic young team of four venturesome friends. With each of them endowed with individual pertinent aptness and experiences gained from various prior exposures, the group shares common passion and visions. “We have already come together as a team for years since prior to Lux Design, in various business platforms”, says Mr. Erik Wong, the Business Director and this explains well for the lucid chemistry and bonding they exhibit during the dialogue.

Under the hegemony of Mr. Erik Wong, the Business Director of the company, who outset by helping out in his family in carpentry business since the age of sixteen, the team surmise to venture into interior design industry with inclination to design and build luxury properties. Having Erik’s family in the carpentry industry is an upper hand to us, says Mr. Howie Tan, Director of the company, not just because of the rich experiences he has but also an advantage of being able to design and produce cutting-edge carpentry works customized to what our clients exactly want, which makes it one of our unique selling proposition.

Reaching the first base, the team was given a project by Singapore Buddhist Lodge (At Geylang Lor 17) for the free medical clinic (Operated by Singapore Buddhist Lodge) during their first two months of operation, with a short timeline of three days to deliver which seems a little impossible to achieve back then. Despite the dice loaded against them, the team came up trumps by not only managed to hand over on time but also with zero defections which greatly reflects on their commitment and professionalism. “In times when you come across projects with unforeseen circumstances against you, your willpower, fortitude and planning skills are inalienable to deliver your desirable results”, elaborates the Founders. And it is your teams that make everything possible, Howie added.

It took us quite a while before we have this current team that makes up to a dream ticket. One of our main challenge during the initial stage is not just so much about building our portfolio and credential but also building the ideal team, the Founders explains, and it’s important to build a team that operates like a family, and as paramount, think like one. By providing a homely and conducive working environment, the management never take a lull in bonding the team in every benign way to ensure that they operate as one with sheer integrity and camaraderie. “Lux Design is one unique company that operates efficaciously different from other Interior Design firms and it’s hard to come by such company”, says Mr. Eugene, one of their Designer.

“You will come across times when you feel like giving up, and it is not only you”, says Howie, and it is important on how the people around you come together and lift each other up. Facing all challenges as one, the team regularly hold ideas exchange, knowledge sharing and brainstorming sessions to insure constant amelioration not just on the company but also on an individual level. “To ensure personal development of our staff is as good as to make certain that the company goes on the up and up”, the Founders added.

Within is the wellspring of good that is always ready to bubble up. Taking pride in their production speed and competency, the team has gain eminent credential on their professionalism and acquires projects mainly through words-of-mouth. With prospective plans to expand into retail showroom in this near future, the management have the best laid plans to expand and groom the team as well.

With flourishing passion and enthusiasm, the management strive to set great store by ensuring success of each and every of their staff. More psyched as ever, the team will continue to deliver even more cognizant projects with this one-track mind and lucre on the veracious repute in the luxury market.